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    Blinds for Bathroom

    Roman window blinds

    Which window coverings are appropriate for the bathroom windows?

    The bathroom has some pretty specific conditions: high levels of humidity and constantly changing air temperatures.

    The blinds in the bathroom create a comfortable atmosphere and help avoid prying eyes. You’ll need thick, durable curtains or blinds that are resistant to temperature and humidity changes in the bathroom and toilet areas. A window in one of these rooms is used to conserve light, vent air, and provide decor. Nevertheless, they shouldn’t take away from the privacy that every bathroom visitor requires. Blinds are more appropriate than roman shades or roller shades in this case. They’ll fit right into the bathroom’s interior without a hitch, but when it comes to functionality, they might fail.

    Both vertical and horizontal models are the most practical. They allow you to adjust the amount of natural light and open the bathroom window partially or entirely. Consequently, the window can be kept open in the daytime and be closed in the evening, when the light turns on in the room. Fabric window treatments and similar structures serve their purpose as sunshades, but they can’t control the flow of the sun.

    Blinds made with the following materials are ideal for use in the bathroom:

    • plastic;
    • aluminum;
    • bamboo;
    • synthetic canvas.


    Plastic blinds or Vinyl blinds are distinctive not only due to their variety of designs but also because of their durability and hygiene. They’re easy to clean, and you can use standard detergents. This environment is not suitable for the spread of mould and mildew in the bathroom so that the slats will stay clean.

    Aluminum blinds are corrosion-resistant, and with the special coating used on the shades, it becomes even more durable. The aluminum has no fear of water and temperature extremes.

    Bamboo blinds fit right into the bathroom. This material looks great, weighs very little and doesn’t absorb moisture. Moreover, it can retain its original look for quite some time with proper ventilation.

    If you are going to order a set of Roller blinds, the fabric needs to be synthetic. Polyester treated with a special impregnation improves its resistance to moisture and light. In addition, dust does not linger on it. 

    It’s better not to use wood blinds and raw linens in the bathroom, as these materials will quickly become unusable. Nevertheless, faux wood blinds and faux wood shutters can stand up to extreme heat and moisture,  giving you the elegance of real wood blinds.

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    Choosing Bathroom Window Treatment Ideas

    It’s better to choose blinds with an open box when choosing ones for a bathroom. In this case, moisture will not linger in the mechanisms and will evaporate faster, reducing the risk of corrosion. Bathroom blinds can be used to dress up a window and create a mini-division in the bathroom. They’re also good at concealing pipes, meters, and valves. Remember to check for quality certificates – confirmation that the materials are free of harmful substances.

    Considering the options, you should pay attention to the following points:

    • the size and shape of the blinds;
    • density and moisture resistance of the material;
    • colour and style;
    • ease of use, taking into account the purpose of the room.


    Whether an apartment in a new build or a detached home, modern dwellings find bathrooms that feature at least one window. The bathroom window treatments are fantastic! Almost all sunlight hours in such rooms are bright and cozy, with energy-saving lights that allow for frequent airflow through the room. 

    There are several key features to consider when designing and decorating a bathroom window: frequent room temperature fluctuations, sudden drops in humidity, etc. Thus, using multiple blind styles makes more sense than using traditional sheer fabric curtains. Fabric curtains are more susceptible to external factors than the specially processed materials from which blind systems are made. 

    In practice, roller blinds and shades are often used to dress bathroom windows. This is highly practical since such draperies don’t take up any space and do a great job of preventing “peeping eyes” from getting into your personal space. During the production of these curtains, special fabrics are used, designed for use in rooms with humid conditions. These fabrics are also coated with a special antimicrobial coating that will dramatically increase the useful life of these draperies while still maintaining their aesthetic appeal for as long as possible.

    A special reflective coating may be applied to the outer side of roller blinds that will reflect most of the heat back into the street. Consequently, you can keep the room cool, plus, it means extra savings on air conditioning.

    Materials used to make such blinds have all necessary quality certificates confirming their safety and absence of various harmful substances.

    The most significant plus side to installing roll-up blinds in bathrooms over traditional fabric curtains is their ease of care and maintenance. They don’t need to be removed, washed and ironed but can be simply wiped clean with a damp cloth.

    There’s a wide variety of colours and styles available for you to choose just the suitable blind that will best complement your bathroom interior. It’s also possible to add an image to a roller blind by using photo-printing, further expanding the possibility of creating a uniquely atmospheric space. 

    The design of a window opening in a room is an essential detail of the interior. When it comes to the bathroom, it’s vital to choose not just pretty window coverage but one that’s functional enough to shield you from the sun in the summer and unwelcome glances at any time of year. The particular climate in the bathroom requires a careful approach. Therefore, together we will figure out which blinds are better to choose.

    Why blinds?

    Some people may think that using blinds in the bathroom isn’t smart. Not in that way at all. Choosing the right material can create a cozy atmosphere and block out the sun’s rays. Bathroom curtains come with several benefits. 

    Blinds are used to mask objects that visually spoil the interior and atmosphere. For the bathroom, these are pipes, counters, shelves, etc. Also, blinds are incredibly versatile to use. These blinds don’t require special installation techniques, so the fastening process is simple and takes little time. Blinds are installed to take up as little space as possible in the bathroom. As per this norm, they are not made too wide, so it is best to opt for smaller blinds in the bathroom, thereby saving space.

    Shops carry various blinds in a range of colours. For designer spaces, it’s worth ordering individual blinds that will best fit into the room’s décor. 

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    Materials for bathroom window treatments

    • There are several options for bathroom blinds. The number one choosing criterion is practicality: the high humidity level and constant interaction with the interior elements of the room demand top-quality material. 

      The main types of material for window treatments for the bathroom windows are:

      Plastic. They’re made of a polymer material that keeps well in rooms with high humidity levels. The plastic will provide light control and protect the bathroom from street views. This material won’t fade over time. Its main advantage is the ability to clean the shutters with plain water. They do not close the window with proper fastening and leave free space. Consider also Faux Wood blinds, as they are made from various materials, including composite, PVC, vinyl (Vinyl roller shades) or foam wood.

      Aluminum. This option is widely considered ideal for the bathroom; aluminum is coated with a special compound that does not transmit or absorb moisture. You can find in-store options for shades in different colours, which not only protect from the sun and eyes but also add style to the space.

      Bamboo. Suppose the room offers plenty of natural light (a window is open for ventilation, while doors lead out to a corridor or adjoining room). In that case, you may want to consider this option for filling in window space. Bamboo won’t absorb moisture nor shrink in rooms with high humidity levels.

    Materials that are not suitable for bathroom window coverings

    We don’t recommend using wood for blinds. This material looks beautiful and is practical to use when it doesn’t have to deal with a steady high humidity level. Actual wood treatments can warp or crack in high humidity spaces. The tree starts to deform and lose its original appeal over time. If you enjoy or prefer the look of wood as a material, then give preference to plastic products with a wood look (Faux Wood versions).


    The window in the bathroom creates a feeling of spaciousness, visually enlarges the area, and adds an additional aesthetic element to the interior. Window décor helps make the bathroom cozier: the texture of the curtains softens the visual effect created by enamel, ceramics and sparkling metal.

    The most convenient option for a bathroom is roller blinds. If you like small curtains, translucent or transparent fabrics, you can combine them with lifting or Roman ones.

    In addition, you can insert permanently frosted glass into the bathroom window. Then the curtains can be of any type, shape and size. As for the palette, consider a slight nuance: if the glass is stained, it is better to choose plain curtains.

    Several different kinds of blinds and curtains are available to order in our store. Experts take measurements, so the blinds are custom-made just for you. High-quality assembly and installation of blinds and curtains ensure easy usage and reliability. You can visit our office and receive expert advice in Toronto. OpenBlinds is the best solution for window decor.

    Some materials are entirely unsuitable for the bathroom. Wooden slats are categorically not suitable (they absorb moisture very well and quickly become unusable). At the same time, the fabric blinds are not suited without any special treatment. 

    Suppose the bathtub or shower is located in a cold room (meaning poorly insulated or poorly ventilated rooms). In that case, it is better to install blinds with a double layer of pleated fabric in the shape of a honeycomb. They better retain air between the layers and keep warm in a room nicely.

    Opt for opaque blinds for an intimate ambience or a relaxing bathroom. They will be suitable for bathrooms and an excellent decorative element.

    When choosing blinds for a bathroom, it is essential to pay attention to modern trends and the shape and size of the window. Also, think about privacy – the curtain should only shade the interior a little or be denser.

    Yes, such blinds can be installed in the bathroom. But only if the fabric is made of moisture-resistant material. Give preference to those options with an open shaft because condensation collects inside the protective and decorative box.

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