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    Bamboo Blinds

    Horizontal Bamboo blinds are made of an eco-friendly materials – light, durable and stylish. Each strip is covered with a transparent layer protecting the wood from UV natural light and its harmful effects. Each piece is specially treated to accentuate the remarkable bamboo texture.

    The adjustable angle of the horizontal blind strips helps you adjust the light filtration/control and privacy to the desired state.

    bamboo blinds in Toronto
    horizontal bamboo blinds
    Eco-Bamboo Blinds
    bamboo roll up blinds
    bamboo window blinds for sale
    bamboo blinds in Toronto
    horizontal bamboo blinds
    Eco-Bamboo Blinds
    bamboo roll up blinds
    bamboo window blinds for sale
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    bamboo blinds in Toronto
    horizontal bamboo blinds
    Eco-Bamboo Blinds
    bamboo roll up blinds
    bamboo window blinds for sale
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    Custom Eco-Bamboo Blinds

    Today, environmental friendliness and naturalness are among the top criteria people consider when choosing not just foods but also window coverings. Modern Bamboo Blinds from Open Blinds are the perfect solution for eco-designs. Stylish, natural, hypoallergenic – these products will add style and class to any interior space.

    Our bamboo shades are made from natural pressed bamboo. In addition, the product is equipped with high-quality and reliable fittings. These bamboo blinds will serve you for years!

    Benefits of Bamboo Blinds from Open Blinds

    The bamboo blinds of our company have several advantages. In addition to great quality and sustainable materials, they also:

    • – bamboo shades feature high-performance thermal insulation;
    • – resistant to temperature extremes and fading;
    • – water-resistant (bamboo blinds available with 50mm lamellas) and can be installed even in rooms with high humidity levels;
    • – practical (they don’t require special care);
    • – wear-resistant (will last at least 10-15 years).


    In addition, bamboo window blinds from Open Blinds are available in a variety of colours.

    They’ll look stunning not only in the interior of the apartment but also in public institutions. Bamboo blinds can be combined with any window textile, bringing creative designs to life.

    Types of bamboo blinds and their design features

    Open Blinds manufactures two types of bamboo blinds featuring:

    • – 25mm thick horizontal wooden slats (ideal for tiny narrow windows);
    • – 50mm wide horizontal wooden slats (suitable for large windows and window openings).

    One unique aspect about Bamboo Shades by Open Blinds is their manufacturing process. Every bamboo blind we make is treated with a special ultraviolet varnish that protects the fabric from fading and extends its operational life.

    You can also order blinds in different configurations: on a thin line or a wide braid. The size of your window is an essential factor in determining which type you should order. Thanks to the thin line, you can completely close all the tech holes that let in bright light. We complete bamboo blinds with decorative moulding on the cornice and a wooden bottom strip.

    How to measure bamboo blinds?

    To measure bamboo blinds, follow these steps:

    1. Determine the product’s height and width (be mindful of how the window opens in design).
    2. When installing the blinds in the opening, subtract 10-20 mm from the estimated width of the product.
    3. Identify the perfect placement of the controls (left and right).
    4. Identify the length of the control handle (which is usually 2/3 the height of the product itself).

    Do you have any questions about measurements? Our managers will be happy to answer them!

    Bamboo Blinds Installation and Adjustment

    Bamboo blinds are mounted on a wall, window frame, or ceiling.
    The installation of such products will not cause difficulties if you adhere to several rules:

    • Install special twist mounting brackets.
    • Based on the overall dimensions of the product, mark the places for fixing the brackets. Avoid getting the brackets caught in the steering mechanism, calliper or retainer.
    • Fix the brackets with self-tapping screws to the window sash, wall or ceiling.
    • Carefully turn the bracket latches counterclockwise.
    • Insert the brackets into the upper cornice of the blind.
    • Turn the latches clockwise until they stop.
    • Check the operation of the lifting mechanism.

    If the blinds are installed on opening sashes, fixing the brackets with special clips is enough. Bamboo shades are operated with either a wooden stick or a wooden bell. Canvas height adjustments are made via a special cord.

    Are you having difficulty getting the blinds installed by yourself? Our experts are ready to help.


    Our bamboo blinds require little maintenance. Only dry care is recommended for this type of product! It is enough to use a vacuum cleaner or a fluffy dry cloth.

    When ordering bamboo blinds, you need to know the height and width of the product (overall dimensions). For more details about measurements, free shipping, and payment, you can search in our shop’s “Bamboo blinds” section or ask our managers.

    In bedrooms and living rooms, bamboo blinds can be combined with heavy curtains. In the nursery, choose products with lighter tones so they don’t overwhelm the space. For the kitchen and bathroom, give preference to products with finer slats (less than 25 mm).

    -The bamboo material perfectly absorbs any odours. If such a product is used in the kitchen, there must be a good extractor hood for the kitchen.
    -For lovers of everything bright and colourful, bamboo blinds won’t work at all. They come in a small range of colours and are primarily characterized by their natural beauty.
    -These products have limited sizes. The canvas’ maximum width is 180 cm, but there are some with a width of 240 cm.

    -Shaded items look very beautiful and festive. They become an accent in a space decorated in the Mediterranean, Californian, or European style.
    -Bamboo blinds in a dark shade are perfect for any room that needs an Asian feel. They work well in both urban and ethnic settings.
    -Bamboo curtains look fantastic paired with natural fabrics like linen and cotton. You can mix and match bamboo draperies with other kinds of decor to create some stunning combinations.
    -The harmonic mix of bamboo with silk, tulle or batiste makes the interior look fresh and romantic.
    This is how bamboo curtains, with their incredible natural beauty, can dress up almost any interior space and add a little flair to the entire room.

    Wooden blinds have been treated with a special varnish that prevents them from warping in humid conditions, cracking in cold temperatures, or being damaged by long periods of sunlight.

    Bamboo blinds are made from high-quality and environmentally friendly materials that are durable and will last for at least 10-15 years.

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