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    Pleated Shades

    Pleated Window Shades

    Pleated shades are a solution that fits any window type. This collection is the most functional window cover system made out of non-toxic, eco-friendly materials. Customize the colour and mechanisms based on your needs. We have attractive pleated window treatments, which could go up and down and consist of several movable elements, creating a cozy ambiance. Door transoms, attic windows, winter gardens, skylights – all of these would need a pleated shades system.

    Call us, and we will help you navigate through the varieties, colours and styles. Let’s pick the most suitable solution for your interior!

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    Custom Pleated Shades Window Coverings

    Pleated Shades are an unusual type of window covering made from corrugated (also called pleated) paper. They are fixed over the window opening, adjustable in height, gathering into even, compact pleats. These curtains are convenient and comfortable because they possess several qualities required by modern window design. Pleated shades are less expensive than cellular shades, but they also provide less insulation than cellular shades.

    Open Blinds is inviting you to shop for our own made pleated shades. Here, you can choose the product that is best suited for your desired shape, size and design needs.

    Advantages of pleated shades

    • They’re designed to fit both standard and non-standard windows.
    • These blinds can be used to cover glass structures like winter gardens, domes, and skylights.
    • They don’t mind the dampness and dust.
    • They are super easy to clean.
    • They are easily adjustable, and you can cover the opening partially, completely, or open it to light.
    • These window treatments are effective against UV sun rays.

    The difference between pleated blinds and other sun-protection systems

    Traditional pleated shades consist of:

    • – profile (aluminum, plastic, wood);
    • – canvases (there are plastic, paper and fabric models);
    • – control mechanism.


    They look like regular fold-out panels made from paper or fabric, but the canvas is much larger and more resistant to external influences. When closed, arched pleated blinds are virtually invisible; when opened, they reliably shield the room from unwanted glances and natural light.

    The frameworks are installed in the upper part of the window and the middle, which allows the owner to adjust the level of light control and guarantees complete privacy. The models will blend seamlessly into the room’s décor; they won’t take much space and look very stylish. 

    Why is it worth buying pleated window blinds?

    There are several reasons to buy pleated curtains:

    • – Maintenance. Pleated blinds shades are not only energy-efficient but also washable (except paper models). This is important when installing structures on a balcony or in the kitchen.
    • – Compact sizes. Fabric folded in multiple layers forms a tight fold that is easily concealed beneath the cornice. They take up minimal space on the glass.
    • – Wide range of models. There are many options of light filtering shade for colours, patterns and natural textures, which allows you to choose the perfect combination for a room darkening with a specific design.
    • – Versatility. The models are installed on the conventional roof- and ceiling-hung window structures made of wood, plastic and aluminum.
    • – The ability to control the light filtering. The canvas is constructed out of materials with different densities. So you can set the shade level and manage the sunblock.
    • – Long Service Life. Materials are impregnated with special, non-stick, dust repellent and fire retardant compounds. The canvas isn’t scared of natural light, dirt, moisture, or temperature extremes.

    But their most significant feature is that they can be installed on non-standard and large windows (arched, triangular, semicircular, oval, etc.).

    Varieties of pleated blinds

    We provide the option to buy pleated shades for arched windows and other sun protection systems. Our company produces custom designs so that pleated shades are ideal for your bedroom and office, house or apartment. The final models look different:

    • – the material of the canvas (cloth, plastic or paper);
    • – the type of corrugation (horizontal, vertical and arched models);
    • – colour (dozens of shades to choose from);
    • – dimensions (specialists will make a model of any shape and size);
    • – features attachment (to the ceiling, wall or window).


    Our pleated window shades will turn out to be reliable and functional, and the appearance of the structures will harmoniously complement the overall interior.


    Yes, this system is specially designed for larger windows of any shape arch, triangular, trapezoid, etc.

    Yes, take into account that they fit perfectly on skylights and fit snugly against the window.

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